Success Stories

I really think that this is the best thing I ever done in movement workshop that I ever been, performance workshops, what ever. Actually I was reading your book, so cool and I come to the milonga and I said, How do I do it? and now I know.

When I tried your method I felt really free and natural versus other lesson I've had. Where they were trying to ping me down into a model or a position, that was very unnatural and hard for me to dance to. So you taught me how to unlearn what I did with the previews teachers, and for me to enjoy the feeling of dancing tango, versus trying to get into the mold of what other people think tango is.

What I love the most is that you gave me the key to realx, and being able to have fun on my own, even with the dancers I could never ever dance with. I practice this at the milonga yesterday evening and I found that I could really relax my body, regardless what the other person is doing and for me that is MAGIC "

Is hard to repeat myself because for the last 3 days I told everyone, I'm very thrill. I'm being completely honest right now. Inside this tango class, there is a deep understanding of the laws that govern the interactions in daily life, which we are having. This is a good opportunity to understand how people relate to one another. And to understand the dynamic of the relation between humans.

I think again I found, actually what is a happy dance.

I'm not only recommend this method, in fact I am a teacher and I have been practicing and incorporated a lot of this principals and theories you have expanded into my own teachings. Tango Discovery I tell you, take it !!!

"Express Who You Are As A Woman"

"About Being Feminine"

You were teaching just people to feel. Even this 2 my brother and my sister, they have been dancing for a while, but when you told the to feel things, look at them now, it looks better, they look more relaxed. I like what you said that if it feels good it looks good, cause that not only applies to dance, it applies to everything.

I'm so happy I found more information from Mauricio. The technique to walk and not to push or to pull is very different than the others.

The techniques that Mauricio taught us is the subtle difference between two souls and we still understand each other. Disguising our identities as one, yet finding the common joy in dancing in one unity, one step.

This is my first time I meet Mauricio Castro, I really enjoy it. I've learn new things. How to let go of myself more, how to trust my body, how to relay on my own capacity. It's really interesting that is very different from other lessons I have taken.

The relaxation stuck in my mind. It releases all the burden, that I over think to much. This class is awesome, fabulous, is a 360 degree turn what we have lear about Argentine Tango. That there is some pattern some structure. This is more about you have to be yourself in tune with your body.

Earlier I've asked you what do I want, and it is to be able to dance with different people well. You gave as another level, the feeling level.

The reality that I've learn here is to feel more relax.

I mean is not just technique but enjoying the dance, and LEARNING HOW TO ENJOY IT.

I've lear how to relax and dance more naturally.

I recommend Mauricio's style is so natural, you know, nothing as he says the robotic movements that we have practice in the past. I'm looking for a more relax dance.

How good was it from 1 to 10? Ohh 10, you are my first teacher. I understand tango because of you, since 4 years ago. For all the people and tango enthusiast of the world, you should try Tango Discovery, is really helpful.

What I love about the exercises is that there is a certain universality to them. Mauricio teaches you not necessarily to move but how to think on moving, and that is the beauty of his method.

I studied tango with Mauricio. I have learn to relax in my dancing and have more confidence. I like the syleing and the natural way to move. I feel very nice when I walk, and now my turns are correct. I recommend Mauricio if you want to get better.

I have re-discover the beauty in tango. From the point of view of a natural human being.

I like that I can dance naturally. Before my mind was only in the technical. But now I can dance relax and flowing.

You better come to my Maestro's class, cause you will learn a lot.

Mauricio has facilitate me to enter into a tango learning dynamics, in a very organic way.

The book "Tango Awareness" change my life.

With Mauricio's classes I have found back, the sensation of feeling my own body.

For me it was very important to un-learn somethings and re-start tango from an angle of more sensations.

How to understand that there is a person with so much knowledge.

I wanted to dance more sensual, and able to dance with anyone. The objectives were accomplish.

Classes are very practical, regardless the style of tango you dance.

This is my first day, I think I've learn a lot.

I've lear to use the body language into dance. That means to be more natural. And in fact, how to integrate body language into dance. Instead of dancing like a robot with out feeling, but to work with the body language to understand how the woman reacts to it.