Success Stories

“Back in 1999, my first trip to Buenos Aires gave me the opportunity to attend Mauricio’s class at Boedo. I was in total awe at the number of students who attended his class.

What’s interesting is his approach and method of teaching. It was my first time to be exposed to a teacher who made tango look so easy. His mastery of body movements through his further studies makes him a cut above the rest. No one does it and explains the way he do.

I started with Tango in 1994. And I learned it in the most traditional way learning in steps and patterns. I loved it and enjoyed it because I felt I have this connection with the dance until I was exposed to TD and made me more relax yet still enjoying the same passion as I was used to earlier. I finally understood the art of improvisation.

I have incorporated into my teachings the Tango Awareness and 100% Improvisation of TD. Because this is the easiest and most common-sensical approach to make student understand what and how it is to relax. This is the most effective approach I’ve come across with in my 19 years of Tango.

I believe in the training system.

The program speaks for itself. It has the most cohesive information it can present to any student beginner or experienced alike. Because it answers to many questions and doubts that students experience in their Tango journey. TD says it right and straight-forward. No beating round the bush.

I have the pleasure to take part in one of the most effective and cohesive tango training program on earth. Mauricio Castro is a genius and way ahead of his time. TD is his most important contribution to the growth and development of Tango world-wide. And I want to be part of history.”

Ogie Mendoza, Tango Teacher in Asia
“My dancing became a lot more sensitive, clear, smooth, fast and musical.
Mauricio opened my mind and senses. Nowadays I understand 10 times more what happens on ‘the other side’ of the couple and how I relate to it. I feel a lot freer to move, to improvise and to teach in what I consider as a more honest way.

I think everyone who wants to find real quality in their dance should look for real professional stimulation in an open mind environment. Apart from clear teaching in great technical movement, improvisation and musical skill Mauricio teaches you how to learn effectively, to use what your body already knows and to find out what works for you personaly. You are stimulated to connect to you and your partner and to open up in the dance, which provides for very big enjoyment.

When people train with the videos they gain confidence over what they obviously are able to do, they start to understand that practicing like this actually is a lot more fulfilling.”

Marieke Timmer, Tango Teacher Netherlands
“I have found out about him seeing videos on the youtube. After reading his book, Tango Awareness, I was so fascinated that I needed to contact him and find out more about his method.

My dancing has become more fluid and more improvised. I no longer use muscular tension but real dynamics. It’s more fun and more pleasure than ever!
The difference lies in the exercises themselves. Now I feel more free and more relaxed to enjoy dancing.
If anyone wants to learn to dance tango, for real, this is the method to stick to. After 2 months of trining the whole game is different.
Training hard tango discovery way everyday is the only way!”

Eugen Cristea 10-10-13
“Florencia (Tango Discovery organizer) has now brought for the third time, a “teacher of teachers” from Buenos Aires here to Minnesota. His name is Mauricio Castro. I attended Mauricio’s two previous workshops. This past weekend his third workshop was a delight for me. I was impressed that the classes functioned just fine with 50 plus students and all experiences levels together.

More than any other tango teacher I have benefited from over the last 12 years, Mauricio enables me to create tango on my own and with understanding. He does it with refreshing humour and common sense about how our bodies normally ambulate. I come away from his workshops with the realization that I can invite a follower to take any kind of step from either foot at any time. I don’t have to worry about building a catalogue of “figures” that envariably I’ll forget unless I make a video. Even then, a dependence on “figures” robs me of the improvisational creativity that will also engage my partner.

I’m not writing this to take away from other qualified teachers but rather that I’m benefiting from what makes Mauricio distinctive.

And now, Mauricio is able to spend additional weeks with us in Minnesota until January. What a kick. And what a cost effective way for me to work on my tango.

Mauricio’s very presence here for this duration speaks well of Florencia and her abilities as our very own authentic Argentinean tango teacher.”

Mark Jefferis 12-12-12
“Florencia (TD organizer):  Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for having the outstanding workshop with Mauricio Castro.  I wanted to share some of my thoughts and discoveries.  First I must confess, I cheated, I had already explored his book Tango- The Structure of the Dance.  Having meditated for over 10 years daily it was such a joy in this book to explore the breath in the first 16 pages.  The book over all has much depth but tangled, yes pun intended, me up on the steps some times.  I also have discovered his book Tango Awareness and knew I had to get the inside scoop on this guy and Tango by reading it before he got here.  Well that did not work as the book was much like the man himself, refreshing and direct about loosening up and not having a destination in the discovery of “your” tango.  Mauricio had the class relaxing and smiling within the first 15 minutes of his class.  His free form exploratory exercises really worked.  Later in the day when I started to do my tango “patterns” there was a complete shift in the energy in how I engaged the partners.  I left his week end with a different feeling for Argentine Tango that was much softer, refreshing, and peaceful.  Using this new energy I started exploring a new dance partnership this week with someone new and found our dance has a very quiet pure quality.  Thank you Florencia (TD organizer) for always caring for us in the Tango community.  This is an especially sweet gift as Mauricio’s technique, I mean no disrespect by calling it technique, has changed my Tango forever.  Namaste”
Chuck Hartell
“Completely relaxed and informal. Totally different from anything I’d known thus far.

I don’t know if it improved my dancing, but it certainly improved the way I approach the dance.

Before it was totally patterned. I would go into pattern after pattern. Practice patterns. All patterns. Now I try to get rid of the patterns, relax and have fun. Accept my mistakes and the followers. Open up to nontraditional things.

In my limited experience with tango teachers, I find that pretty much they all use the same methods. I have my preferences, some teachers are better, some are worse, but they are similar in the way they teach and approach tango. Mauricio is different. You have to see for yourself.

I think Mauricio has radically changed my view of tango. It is very refreshing that a tango dancer of his caliber can demystify things to the point that he can be “disrespectful” of traditions and rules. But if he can, why can’t all of us?”

Juan Garcia
“What I like about Mauricio’s approach to tango is his ability to guide you to the logic of tango, which allows you to discover and refine the technique rather than stumbling through the technique and impose a structure. He keeps the guiding structure simple and clear which allows the variations of a move reveal themselves to me in time and not force it. This improvisational approach pushes me to explore how to get into a move and resolve it from where I am truly at rather than learn a prescribed pattern. This allows me to keep my mental equilibrium when the unexpected comes alone.

He teaches with fun and humor and wants you to achieve and refine your tango AND have a good time with it and your partner.”

Gerry Girouard
“My immense thanks to Mauricio for so broadly expanding my tango horizons. And to Florencia (TD organizer) of course for making this wonderful opportunity available. In his eloquent and at the same time humor-filled discussions with us, Mauricio has gotten at root issues holding me back from improving my dance… tension, inhibition, lack of confidence in expressing my “tango voice”. Not only was I suddenly able able to “ungrip” my body into an exhilarating boleo in less than 90 seconds walking with Mauricio!… the technique he used to enlighten me about myself has allowed me to be able to perform this with same move (as well as many others) with anyone in the class.

The classes are filled with fun, laughs, and nuggets to take away into tango and life itself.


Sarah Sommers
“Tangueros, Leaders AND Followers,

Mauricio’s classes are a treasure for both leaders AND followers. You are missing out on great tango knowledge/philosophy by not attending his classes. This is my opinion and I’m not getting paid to say this! 🙂 I encourage you to use this opportunity to take some classes with Mauricio.

With Happy Feet,”

Nick Aguilar
“Mauricio is a wonderful teacher with a great attitude and sense of humor. He concept of tango as fun and pleasurable activity made me feel so much better about my dancing efforts, gave me more confidence, for which I am eternally thankful.”
Tango Dancer
“I had a great time and I loved the creativity and improvisational elements as well as the relaxed connection exercises.  Lots of tools and concepts to experiment and grow with!  Very laid back and enjoyable.

Thanks for bringing Mauricio in for the workshops.”

Tango Dancer