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You are in tango class. You are being told how to walk. How to hold the right posture. Repeat a sequence. Be all the same. BECOME A CLONE OR DISCOVER TANGO IN A NEW WAY . . .


Its a FREE .zip file that contains the book in an epub and mobi format. Enjoy!

FREE Tango Awareness, book, .mobi. click here !!!!

Have you ever practice your tango posture and notice that you loose it while dancing?

Have you ever practice a sequence, and change partners and you can’t do it any more?

Have you ever wonder why you can lead someone easyly and others won’t even move with your leads?

As a follower, have you ever being confuse about what the leader wants?

Why some leaders are easier to understand than others?

Why some followers are easier to dance with?

Have you notice how many people dance tango very stiff, serious faces and no emotions?

Have you gone to different teachers and they tell you different things, some times even contrary to each other?

Have you notice pain on your feet and/or your back?


You think Tango is difficult?

For almost everyone,
Improve your dance in 2 minutes:
  • In the whole history of Argentine Tango, not one Master has had the same posture or walk as any other. Tango is the opposite of ballroom.
  • Tango Discovery is about celebrating different types of postures and walks, so yours is perfectly alright already.
  • Use your natural self as your best posture. Remember you are dancing
    for yourself. You are not in a show or a competition. You are not getting paid, on the contrary you are paying to dance.
  • Distinguish yourself from other dancers by looking and moving like you.
  • Keep everything you do light and playful. Think, feel and believe you are doing it just for the fun of it.
  • Practice to walk comfortably. The more relaxed and happy, the better it feels and the better it looks.
  • Practice comfortable postures. The easier and more natural to you, the better.
  • Pick the music you really love. Any type of music. You know which it is..
  • Have fun. Finding yourself being playful is a good start.
  • Yes, the smirk smile is fine 🙂 When you are having fun it shows. If not, go up to tip number 1 and start again.

Its a .zip file that contains the book in an epub and mobi format. Enjoy!

Tango Awareness, book, .mobi