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I had in the room from a beginner first class, beginners, intermediate, advance dancers and some teachers.
All in the same room. Relax happy enjoying all dancers and dancing with EVERYBODY.
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Tango Awareness Book For Kindle “If you are in any tango class and you are being told on how to walk… or hold the right posture…  or repeat sequences as an endless drill, so all students do the same, become a clone or run for your life”… Mauricio Castro

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Videos online.    If you are beginning and you think is difficult or if you already have some years into it and you still boring yourself with the same sequences over and over, and yet you have the feeling that you don’t have them just yet.

Let me introduce to you a method that almost anyone can understand. For a little less than 3 hours, I’ll explain to you exactly step by step, why you’ve been improving so slow and how to change it.

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