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Tango Discovery Training Romania December 2013

I had in the room from a beginner first class, beginners, intermediate, advance dancers and some teachers. 
All in the same room. Relax happy enjoying all dancers and dancing with EVERYBODY.
In this 6 hours live training every dancer have achieve:

Men and Women:

  • Releasing of unnecessary stress and tension on body and embrace.
  • From non-useful connection to EXPERIENCING feeling usefully connected.
  • The useful ” Woman’s Technique Exercises”.
  • How to compose their own sequences easily with: ganchos, boleos, back sacadas, front sacadas.
  • How to improvise all these elements in real time, any partner, any level with 100% Improvisation.
  • How to enjoy dance with anyone you choose, regardless styles or levels.

The mystery of how to do all of this have been solved already for quite some years now.

What is the secret? 

Well is not only in the exercises, is not only in the sequence you received them 

but most important by WHO is teaching.

Repeating random exercises won’t get you anywhere. The proof is that there are people out there,
that have been trying to dance tango for years and they still can’t, they still believe that is a difficult dance.
And they are right in the sense that they have made it difficult for no reason at all.

I have found a NEW way of teaching and learning

far better to whatever you have been doing.

Don’t just believe, watch the testimonies for yourself right here !!!

ScreenShot2013-12-16at6.04.41PM ScreenShot2013-12-15at11.43.04PM ScreenShot2013-12-12at10.13.51PM
Andrea Raluca  Erna
ScreenShot2013-12-15at11.57.33PM ScreenShot2013-12-12at10.10.26PM ScreenShot2013-12-15at11.50.06PM
 Adrian  Alina Stefan
ScreenShot2013-12-15at11.56.02PM ScreenShot2013-12-15at11.53.16PM ScreenShot2013-12-12at10.11.04PM
 Daniela  Tamara  Dragos
ScreenShot2013-12-16at6.05.07PM ScreenShot2013-12-15at11.46.11PM ScreenShot2013-12-12at10.12.45PM
 Eugen  Valentina  Marina


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