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Let’s face it… at your beginning maybe you have watch the best dancer you have ever seen in your life, maybe you have seen dancers in a movie, or maybe you just watch people having fun in a dance place… and you decided that, that is what you want!

Some times is what you felt in some of those first dance experiences… that you want to feel again by coming back. Or you might be a dancer with some experience and you love to look great, feel awesome and enjoy moving to music. Any and all positive experiences you have had dancing, that made you come back to the dance floor, have one thing in common, they can be improved !!!! Not only is it possible, I’ve done it.  Many times.  With every imaginable kind of dancer.

  • For women: how to look and feel more responsive and feminine.
  • For men: how to look and feel relax comfortable and strong.
  • Increase hypersensitivity for better connection and communication.
  • Reflexive body skills, so you ARE relax and confident.

Best part, dancers LOVE it! Or to be more correct, they love how being with a dancer who knows my Tango Discovery Trainings makes them feel.  (I’ll show you why in a minute.) The reason why leaders can’t get a follower to follow their every move is simple. Other teachers have made tango harder to understand than Chinese Calculus, because they know how to dance, doesn’t mean they know how to teach. Leaders would rather be hit in the head with a brick than recognizing they results are not consistent. And to every follower, I’ll show you how you can let relaxation, comfort and responsiveness come to play, so you can train any partner to your hearts content. Yes! It is possible!

  • I will train you to be able to dance comfortably with any dancer of any level and any style of tango.
  • If you follow or lead, woman or man I’ll train you to have great dances no matter what.
  • I’ll show you how to enjoy the resources you already know and how to develop them even better.
  • How to make your leads irresistible, so anyone will follow you easily
  • As a woman how to instantly follow relaxed, happily and automatically so you get the type of lead you want.
  • How to build up highly responsive men and women that are happy to lead and follow.
  • How to build your own trust in yourself and with others.
  • How to take ANY fear, guilt or inhibition he/she is having and make it dissolve from his/her mind… FOREVER!
  • How to get your leader out of his head and have pleasurable dancing times.
  • The mesmerizing method of TD Training With Fun and Pleasure!
  • How we humans create our own “Thought Traps” and how you can liberate yourself and partner from being ‘stuck’ in one.
  • The never before revealed highly confident methods of “Primal Dancing” that dancers find exciting and irresistible with a dancer they trust.
  • What followers really want from leaders, but will never come out and tell you.  More specifically, you’ll discover what type of leads she needs from you… And probably isn’t getting… And why!

“My dancing became a lot more sensitive, clear, smooth, fast and musical. Mauricio opened my mind and senses. Nowadays I understand 10 times more what happens on ‘the other side’ of the couple and how I relate to it. I feel a lot freer to move, to improvise and to teach in what I consider as a more honest way. Read more . . . ”
Marieke Timmer, Tango Teacher Netherlands
“Florencia has now brought for the third time, a “teacher of teachers” from Buenos Aires here to Minnesota. His name is Mauricio Castro. I attended Mauricio’s two previous workshops. This past weekend his third workshop was a delight for me. I was impressed that the classes functioned just fine with 50 plus students and all experiences levels together. Read more . . . 
Mark Jefferis 12-12-12

Even if you don’t dance much, You can still get great hot dances and every move you want and desire… Without changing much!

The Tango Discovery Training method was refined from over 20,000 hours of dance instruction and combined with cutting edge scientific research, so it works, no matter what age or genetics, In fact, ‘it’ always always works. The technology works, because this is based on science. However, because it’s a method and a technology you have to put some effort into learning how to do it. But like learning how to ride a bike, once you’ve got it… You’ve always got it!

I’ve trained thousands of people in dancing from all over the world. I’m confident anyone who graduated high school can be trained to use these methods. Also I promise there is no ‘postures or patterns’ to memorize like you find in other clases. Every month you’ll get 4 session videos (each video at least 10 minutes long). You’ll see me working with different girls, each with her own unique challenges, while using the same Tango Discovery Training process. You’ll get detailed Session Notes where I map out what I’m doing and what you should pay attention to in that session.  I’ve never before provided this kind of detail about what I’m doing.

You’ll have access to me and my top students in the forums where you can ask questions about the sessions, the Tango Discovery methods, or report back on your sessions with women and Man and ask for guidance. So you can have a couple of grande carmel machiatos at Starbucks, or you can discover how to fascinate and satisfy a beautiful girl, or if you are a woman how to lure the man you desire into wonderful dances together. Your choice. I’m sure once you see what’s inside, you’ll think it’s one of the best things you’ve ever done in your life. So if at anytime you think it’s not for you… No harm, no foul. Just let me know and I’ll cancel your membership.

FREE for EVERYBODY sign up now!!

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See you on the other side!
— Mauricio